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December 2, 2008

Sally Khoury

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I liked Sally Khoury’s work because in the first place I am a supporter of Women’s right and her artwork reflects the character of the strong women. Her art work is aggressively bold and yet alluring in all its femininity. Her work is both fun and feminine. She mixes fashion and pop culture. Her work expands the understanding of women and defining them. She says her work questions the current definitions of Arab women and defining them. ” I would hate to think that the women are only portrayed as docile, traditional and subservient or oppressed.


colorful_sally_khouryI liked this painting because it both reflect strong personality of the woman and the variety of color gives it a vivid aspect. The diagonal lines of the grid gives it an imposing character where as the bright green, bright blue,makes it more living as much as the yellow orange and red gives the painting a certain energetic influence.


November 20, 2008

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Its a picture of an evening in LAU. I took it at the LAU upper gate, when i took it

i focused on the elements of composition, Contre Jour, and the feeling of perspective

created by the trees on the right side.


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full-body-eagle2DAVID MICHAEL KENNEDY has an extensive work with the Palladium Printing Process while concentrating on Landscapes and the Native American Culture as primary subject matter and worked on special projects including commissioned commercial work and philanthropic endeavors. I like the surreal feelings in his pictures especially in the ones concerning american landscapes, and old indian-american tribes.

Digital Photography Lecture

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The thing that interested me the most in digital photography lecture is the indoor one. The higher pixellation rate introduced with the advanced 39 Megapixel cam was amazing aside with  the methods used in defining the best color filters to use. The software used was distinguished to and the fact that the photos were directly uploaded through the fire wire too with safeguard of time was also remarkable.

The portfolio of the photographer was astonishing, and his way of using photoshop adjustments with deteriorating the realism of the picture was remarkable.

As indoor photography things were completely new but, as outdoor one its still that free camera with assumptions and approximations of the photographer. I liked the slogan of the photographer ” The worst picture is the one u never took”.

Joachim Sauter

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member_joachimsauterAfter completing his MA at the academy of fine arts in Berlin Joachim Sauter studied at the ‘German Academy for Film and Television’, Berlin. 
Since the early 1980s, he has been working as a media artist and designer. From the beginning, Joachim Sauter has focussed on digital technogies and is experimenting how they can be used to express content, form, and narration. 
Fuelled by this interest, he founded ART+COM in 1988 together with other artists, designers, scientists, and technologists. Their goal was to practically research this new up-and-coming medium in the realm of art and design. Until now, he is working in this interdisciplinary environment.
In the course of his work he was invited to participate on many exhibitions. Beside others he showed his work at ‘Centre Pompidou’ Paris, ‘Stejdilik Museum’ Amsterdam, ‘Museum for Contemporary Art’ Sidney, ‘Deichtorhallen Hamburg’ , Kunsthalle Wien, ‘Venice Biennial’, ‘ICC’ Tokyo, ‘Getty Center’ Los Angeles, ‘ZKM’ Karlsruhe.
He received several awards like the ‘Ars Electronica Interactive Award’, the ‘Los Angeles Interactive Media Award’, the ‘Prix Pixel INA’, the ‘British Academy for Film and Television Interactive Award’, and many international and geman Design Awards’.
Since 1991 he is full professor for “New Media Art and Design” at the ‘University of the Arts’ Berlin and since 2001 adjunct professor at UCLA, Los Angeles.

Jeanne Verdoux

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Jeanne Verdoux was born in Paris, France. She studied graphic design at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués in Paris and the Royal College of Art in London. 

She collaborated with Pierre Bernard (Atelier de Création Graphique) for four years before opening her own studio in Paris.

In 1999, she received the award Villa Medicis “Hors-les-Murs” to come to New York. After a productive year of drawing and filming the city, she established her new studio in Brooklyn, NY where she practices today.

Jeanne Verdoux has exhibited her drawings and videos in New York and Paris. In 2007, she was selected by the Bronx Museum to participate in the AIM28 program and show. 25now-600

She has taught at School of Visual Arts and State University of New York and is a visiting critic at Yale University, School of Art and Design.

John Maeda

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John Maeda is a graphic designer and computer scientist dedicated to linking design and technology. Through the software tools, web pages and books he creates, as well as his devoted students at MIT’s Media Lab, he spreads his philosophy of elegant simplicity.

John Maeda is a programmer and an artist — and is committed to blurring the lines between the two disciplines. As a student at MIT, studying computer programming, he was persuaded to follow his parallel passion for fine art and design. And when computer-aided design began to explode in the mid-1990s, Maeda was in a perfect position to influence and shape the form, helping typographers and page designers explore the freedom of the web.

He jokes about himself as “the guy who makes the flying letters.” But behind this joke is a deep insight into the way good programming can create new forms of good design — the guiding principle of Web 2.0, where type and images can behave in brand-new ways to communicate and amus

Yugo Nakamura

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Based in Tokyo trained as an ingineer he developps an interest in people and their surroudings

He uses Flash to create fluid naturalistic images and sequences. Inspired by John Maeda, he has been fascinated by the web as an environment.

He is one of the most interesting talents of today’s digital design field.
his work is based on a constant research in the interface
enviroment. in july 2000 he presented his work to huge acclaim 
at flashforward2000 in nyc.
nakamura studied engineering, architecture and landscape
design. after graduating he worked as an engineer specialising 
in bridge design. 
he now works in interface design with ‘business architects inc.’ 
in tokyo and during his personal time he’s involved with 
he has also been active with projects like ‘gasbook’
and ‘the remedi project’.

Effects of New Media on Methods of Designing

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New media’s dawn due to the Text Book “New Media Design” sparked at the beginning of the 20th century when the fussiness and clutter of the Victorian design was replaced by clean neat and precise “Modernism”

One of the amazing methods to know the difference that “Die Neue Typographie” has introduced would be simply to compare typefaces fro the victorian Era with new typefaces like sans-serif ones well traced with the help of new digital media benefitting of clarity and legibility based on new technology.

The traditional media still has its weight in design for the basic concepts like positive/negative and the hall intellectual process are still the same, still the outcome is heavily affected; the digitized new media introduced a big range of benefits to the designing execution.


  • Digital Media allows the designers to preview their design prior to printing which reduce the coast of the product, hence gives the designer to evolve the concept times and times again before execution.
  • The new media allow sharpness, clarity and legibility things that were impossible previously.
  • the introduction of internet allows a fast and vast information interchange which allow the designer to work faster, and in the same time induce a strong mule of images, figures logos and previous ideas.
  • The internet by itself is a strong new media for it enhances a strong communication system which is at the heart of the designing philosophy.  

November 4, 2008

Impact Of New Media Design

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As far as I’m concerned i’d like to keep the New Media in the context of Media without affecting the designing process. I think that new media should affect the execution of a concept but not to reach the concept itself. For me there are no substitutes of the paper and the pencil, photoshop comes next.


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