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January 15, 2009

Innovative Packaging

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I like this packaging because it introduce the form of realism to the item it is some kind of naturalisation of the product which feels more real and natural and the new thing it introduces is the tactile element which is more natural.


I like this wine new package because it is a new idea in the field of wine packaging. Well its a regenerated idea coming from water packaging but that package made it happen in the wine industry and that is and innovation



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I think that every letterform has its own personality or characteristic, characteristic or connotation. My favourite letterform is the letter N because it has two characterisics; it has cool personality on the two sides because of its vertical lines and the diagonal part gives it another dynamic aspect.

ones of the examples of manipulated letterforms is this R letter in this logo Orbis, i like it because it is a serif old traditional letter on the left while it is modern manipulated letterform on the left.wordmark21

I also like this manipulated letterform lower-case g because it looks like a “g” and an “s” in the same time and no matter how it is edited it could still have the identity of a g and it could still read as a gsg-logo2


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Bitasoft is an animation and graphic development company which obviously work on development of games and many other graphic elements. The software they were talking about, renders that render graphics in an easy modern way,  their advanced equipment and skilled methods makes the image taste like genuine.

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