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November 20, 2008

Effects of New Media on Methods of Designing

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New media’s dawn due to the Text Book “New Media Design” sparked at the beginning of the 20th century when the fussiness and clutter of the Victorian design was replaced by clean neat and precise “Modernism”

One of the amazing methods to know the difference that “Die Neue Typographie” has introduced would be simply to compare typefaces fro the victorian Era with new typefaces like sans-serif ones well traced with the help of new digital media benefitting of clarity and legibility based on new technology.

The traditional media still has its weight in design for the basic concepts like positive/negative and the hall intellectual process are still the same, still the outcome is heavily affected; the digitized new media introduced a big range of benefits to the designing execution.


  • Digital Media allows the designers to preview their design prior to printing which reduce the coast of the product, hence gives the designer to evolve the concept times and times again before execution.
  • The new media allow sharpness, clarity and legibility things that were impossible previously.
  • the introduction of internet allows a fast and vast information interchange which allow the designer to work faster, and in the same time induce a strong mule of images, figures logos and previous ideas.
  • The internet by itself is a strong new media for it enhances a strong communication system which is at the heart of the designing philosophy.  

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