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November 4, 2008

My Research topic

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Historical Information

Well its been quite a long time that we havnt seen something quite lebanese. Based on my expertise in the lebanese culture, we can easily say that despite the hard days of war that lebanon has suffered the lebanese culture continued to evolve and to flourish then in 1990 it suddenly stopped.

It was a whole amazing process lebanese broadcasting corporations suddenly stopped producing and shifted to importing mexican programs traducing them, while most of the cloth shops which had already been havily impacted by the destruction of lebanese cloth firms during the war jumped all over the lebanese characteristics and went to the pure american and european appearence.

Editorials were also affected. By 1990 the war had already ravaged most of the editorials of lebanon, but it was quite interesting that the political parties which were in control of sections of lebanon had each its own editorial and, political editorials like “Al Ounfouan” and “Al Massira” and many other publications did constitute a certain haven for the evolution of lebanese designs. After the syrian occupation took control of what was called the “free lebanon” all those editorials which were linked to hostile parties against syria simply stopped. Starting from there the importation of foreign designs and publications took over.

Well today as we the new generation grow and shall have soon the capacity to change things what are we going to choose for a culture? What is going to be our identity? Are we gonna stay a “Pasta Nation” or will we have the will to perform a certain “Renaissance” of what seems to be getting lost.

Well as graphic designers its our job to formulate “Corporate Identities” therefore i would like to perform something which everyboddy easily get which is a CD cover which holds the lebanese fingerprint.

What is the lebanese Identity?

Much before 1990 Lebanon hosted most of the old world; Phoeniciens, Greeks, Romans, Mamlouks, Ottomans… and its amazing how each of the cultures left a fingerprint on the lebanese culture, and if i have to be accurate i would practically say that the outcome is similar to the one of lebanese architecture. Most of the architectural figerprint led to the outcome of the lebanese house which came from vernacular architecture, to reach the flamboyant aspect of today.Sidon House




 I think that the smart thing to do in that design is would be to be to work on both the aspects provided by the lebanese architecture and the main lebanese typfaces that have evolved during the pre-war era. In order to combine both aspects i see no better way than the methods of Reaz Abidini hence the four main ingredients mixed together, lebanese architecture, lebanese typfaces, lebanese music combined to the style of Reza Aabidini should in my opinion constitute a nice design holding a fingerprint of lebanon.


Since its a music CD i think that the best name could be MOUWAL which is a name of a lebanese traditional kind of songs.


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