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November 4, 2008

Advanced Photography

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Advanced Photography is basically the continuation of the “chambre obscure” concept and is still based on light. Basically nothing changed exccept the media which is more advanced and hence introduces more dynamics effects. Dynamic and sigital media which no doubt is going to the only media soon due to the fact that computer allow it to manage the picture before it is processed hence reduce expences, has its many problems; New media or digital media is more vulnerable, specially soft copies, and the tools are too expensive. Still the outcome is worth the cost. the improvement introduced by the introduction of computer based media in photography allow the interface of the computer which as it evolves increases the capacity in all directions, thing that was defenetly not possible with a naked eye and an analogue camera.

Still this process makes the need of continuous update in soft technology so dire and hence expensive; Most of the traditional skills have simply disappeared, and the camera does most of the job, which in another way means that the more you’ve got investments in technology the better photographer u would be. You just have to know the basics.


In the same time those features reduces the indivualism of the photographer, because the more tasks the computer is gonna perform, the tasks would get standerised.

Still the outcome is much faster greater and cheaper therefore the analoghe photography that we know shall soon become tradition and optional photography and the digital one is expected to take over.


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